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Penultimate Update (Kickstarter); Online Store Open (with 48-hr backer deals)

Penultimate update; Online store open (with 48-hr backer deals)

Dear Team Backerkit,


  • We did it!  What a long, strange trip it has been. 
  • This is the second to last update.
  • Almost every single Kickstarter and Backerkit order has been sent out.  Please contact me if you haven't gotten the dice or an email with your tracking number. 
  • The Online store ( is now in soft open.  For the next 48 hours, you backers will have access to the Kickstarter exclusive dice and a 15% off coupon code, ORIGINALBACKER (intended for backers only, so please don't share).
  • After 48 hrs, I will remove the Kickstarter dice, turn off the coupon code, and publicly announce the opening of the store. 
  • The next and last update will have final numbers (all the costs, and how much profit I made, kicking it forward plan), perhaps a survey, potential affiliate linking (so you can get rewarded for referring folks to the store), and final thanks and thoughts. 



Online Store

  • at
  • Made with Shopify (theme: Brooklyn). Cost: $29/month.

Kickstarter Exclusive dice

  • There are about 210 Glossy Black with Kickstarter greens left over (mostly from canceled pledges).
  • There are about 310 Glossy Kickstarter Green with black (surplus order).  
  • They are priced at $1.25 each.  
  • Those I don't sell in 48 hrs I may have to add as bonuses to my next Kickstarter project (since I did say they are Kickstarter exclusive).


  • In the last update, I screwed up the link for the Go7 Doublesix Dice gaming box. Try againHERE, choose your logo when you check out, and use the code D6D10 to get 10% off. 
  • Our friends over at Everything Epic made Secrets of the Lost Tomb, the first game to officially feature Doublesix Dice (their version).  They are currently running their latest Kickstarter, Fate's Fortune Relaunch.
  • Your fellow Doublesix Backer Bob is running his own Kickstarter digital RTS game, Not Your Space.
  • The social media love DD6 has been getting is awesome!  See some backer photos on ourFacebook page and our Twitter feed.
  • Extra special love include a Couchfunded review: 


 An unboxing video:


And being featured in a blog, starting a series called Board Gaming Opulence


No rest for the weary...I need to keep working on the online store.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate it.  I am truly grateful for you all.


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